Copper Horse Coffee Sampler

Copper Horse Coffee Sampler

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A great way to sample a range of organic, hand roasted, single origin coffees.  

Los Planes Guatemala (4 oz)

This delicious coffee with notes of milk chocolate, caramel and cherry is grown under a heavy shade covering of native trees.  This coffee is grown by a small co-operative in Los Planes, Guatemala, produced by farmers who have a focus on sustainability and a long-term commitment to Fair Trade and Organic Certifications.


Eduardo Duran Yellow Honey Costa Rica

This delicious, smooth and low-acid coffee has notes of honeydew, prune and granola. It's a rather light roast, but has a nice silky body to it and great sweetness balance.

Lake Tawar Sumatra 

Our Sumatran offering comes from a co-operative of 100 small farms around Lake Tawar. The coffee has a thick, syrupy body, and undertones of malt, roasted cocoa, and spices. It stands out in our offerings as a nice medium-dark roast single origin.

Konga Ageze Ethiopia

In the Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia there is a washing station in the Konga District started by Mr. Abiyot Ageze in 2007 to promote organic coffee with higher standards and better wages for the 615 farmers who supply the station.

These farmers grow indigenous heirloom varietals of coffee at very high altitudes. In the cup you will find many sweet fruit-forward attributes including berry and apple and a pleasant chamomile finish.