FLX Healthy Hands & Body

FLX Healthy Hands & Body

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FLX Healthy Hands & Immunity Boost

Today washing your hands is more important than ever. To help prevent rough, raw hands while also helping boost your immune system, this box contains custom made products for Finger Lakes Goods that leave your hands clean and feeling great, while also helping boost your immune system with delicious honey and tea. Accompanied by a beautiful Finger Lakes mug, a soft, absorbent bamboo towel and very special silk sea sponges, your hands and body will thank you.

Finger Lakes Made Items Include:

Finger Lakes Tea Co.  |   Waterloo, NY
Specialized Tea Collection

The Green, Chrysanthemum & Honeysuckle Tea is a caffeinated blend that boosts the immune system and also helps relax you as the day soldiers on.  This is a special, hand-made tea and one of the finest you’ll ever taste!


HoneyRock Farms  |  Ithaca, NY
Orange Blossom Honey (5 oz.)

Proprietors Bill & Sharon Hilker take their bees every winter to Florida to keep them active by pollinating the vast orange groves in the state.  The result is delicious and nutritious orange blossom honey.  This honey yields and exception taste with subtly sweet, yet complex flavor.


Flint Creek Soap Co.  |  Naples, NY
Healthy Hands Collection

Specially created for FLX Goods, this combination of items is specially made to help eliminate bacteria and keep that viral load off your hands.  Yet, it is kind to your hands, using all natural ingredients and infused with essential oils to ensure silky soft hands that are well taken care of.  And, a special spray that helps fight bacteria naturally, and has a terrific scent.


Eucalyptus Tea Tea Tree Soap (3.5 oz):  This is an olive oil-based hand soap that is special and unique, infused with eucalyptus oil. With natural antibacterial properties, the aroma will also help open up your lungs when using, and make 20 seconds seem like nothing. The all-natural ingredients leave your hands with a clean feeling, non-greasy yet silky smooth finish that also has a barrier which holds in moisture.


Unscented Soap (3.5 oz.):   This all natural, olive oil soap is unscented and free of everything but a clean, non-greasy and silky smooth finish after using.  Great for everyday use, and for those who just want a basic soap that is free of unnecessary chemicals, yet still adequately keeps your hands and body clean.


Eucalyptus Lotion (8 oz.):  Eucalyptus, a natural oil traditionally used for its antimicrobial effects, as an anti inflammatory and to open the bronchial tubes for easier breathing. This lotion is made with rich cocoa and shea butters to hydrate and protect the skin.  It's made to absorb quickly while softening the hands.


Flint Creek Soap Co Self Defense Essential Oil Spray (5 fl. oz.): A blend of potent essential oils known for their anti bacterial and anti microbial effects, this spray is not alcohol based, but it does contain some soap which when paired with this blend of oils will work to dissolve the lipid layers that surround viruses. This is not meant to replace hand washing, but is meant to help keep hands clean when soap and water are not available. May be used to treat surfaces - a small amount is all that is needed. Spritz a few sprays onto hands and rub into all surfaces (spray surface and wait a few seconds before wiping). Allow to dry.