FLX Morning Brew

FLX Morning Brew

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FLX Morning Brew

Wake up and enjoy your choice of either the Colombian Dark or Brazilian Medium roast coffee.  Two special, handmade blends of tea, including a special Green Tea/Chrysanthemum/Honeysuckle and a Lavender/Chamomile blend offer the perfect sipping options along with terrific health benefits. Sip your coffee or tea in a beautiful Finger Lakes mug and clean up with an environmentally friendly bamboo tea towel.  The Goldenrod honey adds a sweet touch to your tea and lots of other delights, further helping strengthen your immune system.  Clean yourself up with this luscious olive oil hand soap, and the non-greasy, silky smooth finish puts a nice moisture locking-barrier for your hands.  

Finger Lakes Made Items Include:

Cobblestone Coffee  |  Geneva, NY
Colombian Dark or Brazilian Med. (12 ozs.) 

Choose either the Colombian Dark or Brazilian Medium roast and you will enjoy the rich, aromatic pleasures from this meticulous and passionate small batch roaster.  

Finger Lakes Tea CoWaterloo, NY
Special Tea Selection

This mix of handmade tea is focused on health and wellness.  The Green Tea, Chrysanthemum, and Honeysuckle caffeinated blend boosts the immune system while the Lavender & Chamomile decaffeinated blend alleviates stress and aids sleep. 

HoneyRock Farms  |  Ithaca NY
Goldenrod Honey (12 oz.)

This has a distinct spicy flavor like no other as it is derived from the bees pollinating the goldenrod flower. Goldenrod-based honey is a rich amber color, much darker than other honey varieties. The honey is truly delicious. Great for fighting allergies!

Wick-edly Sent |  Farmington, NY
Grubby Hand Soap (3.5 oz.)

This olive oil hand soap is so special and unique, that it is a treat for your hands.  Especially if you wash them frequently in the kitchen or bathroom.  The all-natural ingredients leave your hands with a clean feeling, non-greasy yet silky smooth finish that also has a barrier which holds in moisture.

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