FLX Spa Indulgence

FLX Spa Indulgence

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If you want to pamper someone (or yourself!) with a one-of-a-kind gift, this is the perfect choice. Especially when working through stressful times. Luxurious products made with all natural ingredients creates a truly luxurious treat. These premium, all natural products deliver the perfect combination of a relaxing atmosphere while taking excellent care of your hands and body.  A loofah, two luxurious silk sea sponges, a bamboo towel and signature Finger Lakes mug make this an amazing gift!

Finger Lakes Made Items Include:

Cobblestone Coffee Roasters |  Geneva, NY
Colombian Dark or Brazilian Med. (11 oz.)

Choose from the drop box at the end of this page either the  Colombian Dark  or  Brazilian Medium  roast and you will enjoy the rich, aromatic pleasures from this meticulous and passionate small batch roaster.  These batches were made exclusively for FLX Goods.

Finger Lakes Tea CoWaterloo, NY
Special Tea Selection

This mix of handmade tea is focused on health and wellness.  The Green Tea, Chrysanthemum, and Honeysuckle caffeinated blend boosts the immune system while the Lavender & Chamomile decaffeinated blend alleviates stress and aids sleep.

HoneyRock Farms  |  Ithaca, NY
Orange Blossom Honey (5 oz.)

Proprietors Bill & Sharon Hilker take their bees every winter to Florida to keep them active by pollinating the vast orange groves in the state. The result is delicious and nutritious orange blossom honey. This honey yields and exception taste with subtly sweet, yet complex flavor.

Wick-edly Scent  |  Farmington,NY
Day at the Spa Soap (7oz.)

This whopping 7 oz bar of olive oil soap is a calming and balanced fragrance that combines notes of lemongrass and black currant with hints of patchouli and sugarcane. This soap leaves your skin smooth, silky, non-greasy. Olive oil forms a protective barrier to help skin hold in moisture

Flint Creek Soap Co.  |  Naples, NY
Eucalyptus Lotion (8 oz)

This special eucalyptus will stimulate the conscious mind. Lightly moisturize your skin and smell amazing afterward. This eucalyptus lotion incorporates a very light emollient that softens your skin. This rich lotion quickly absorbs into the skin so there is no residue left over, leaving your hands feeling clean, yet silky soft.

Wick-edly Sent  |  Farmington, NY
Lilac Soy Candle (3.5 oz.)

This Lilac candle has the perfect spring lilac aroma, one sniff will take you back to memories of childhood or walking through a flower garden in the spring. Soy candles have revolutionized the candle industry forever, as they burn longer, cleaner & are better for the environment.

Finger Lakes Cookie Co.  |  Geneseo, NY
Gourmet Assortment (3 oz. each)

These mouthwatering, gourmet cookies are fresh from the oven. They are rich, delicious and made the old fashioned way. Each individually wrapped gourmet cookie comes in its own clear cellophane envelope. And this size! Each cookie is more like two regular sized cookies.

Triple Chocolate:  Decadent chocolate cookie made with three types of chocolate: unsweetened cocoa, dark chocolate, and semi-sweet chocolate chips.

Lemon Crack:  The lemon earns new found respect with this delicious, gourmet cookie made with real lemon zest and other natural goodness that have you forgetting making lemonade if life deals you a lemon.

Molasses Crinkle:  This classic cookie has a beautiful twist as they are sweetened with brown sugar and molasses and spiced with cloves, cinnamon and ginger.