FLX Breakfast Pleasures

FLX Breakfast Pleasures

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Start off your day right with this amazing selection of breakfast items.  A signature Finger Lakes mug and soft, absorbent Bamboo Tea Towel are included along with a great selection of locally made products.  

Birkett Mills | Penn Yan, NY
Puritan Pancake Mix

This pancake/waffle mix comes from Birkett Mills, which has been grinding the buckwheat and whole flour for this mix since 1797. And, just add water to this mix to make delicious, fluffy pancakes!   

Cobblestone Coffee Roasters |  Geneva, NY
Colombian Dark or Brazilian Medium (11 oz.)

Choose from the drop down box at the end of this page either the  Colombian Dark  or  Brazilian Medium  roast and you will enjoy the rich, aromatic pleasures from this meticulous and passionate small batch roaster.  These batches were made exclusively for FLX Goods.

Skaneateles Sugar Shack | Skaneateles, NY
Maple Syrup (12 oz.)

This 100% pure maple syrup is passionately made by proprietor Greg Young, who personally makes every drop of this rich, wholesome amber syrup.  Pure maple syrup is a natural and nutritious sweetener and an excellent choice to pour over your pancakes, waffles or many other baked goods.

Arbor Hill | Napes, NY
Healthy Purple Blueberry Preserves (10 oz.)

This blueberry preserve is a simple set of ingredients – pure cane sugar, blueberries grown in the Finger Lakes, lemon juice and pectin.  The result is a delicious blueberry preserve that is unrivaled.  Plus, it’s loaded with anti-oxidants.  Whether on waffles, toast, muffins or a bagel, this is a unique treat.

HoneyRock Farms | Ithaca, NY
Orange Blossom Honey (5 oz.)

Proprietors Bill & Sharon Hilker take their bees every winter to Florida to keep them active by pollinating the vast orange groves in the state.  The result is delicious and nutritious orange blossom honey.  This honey yields and exception taste with subtly sweet, yet complex flavor.

Wick-edly Sent | Farmington, NY
Grubby Hand Soap (3.5 oz.)

This olive oil hand soap is so special and unique, that it is a treat for your hands.  Especially if you wash them frequently in the kitchen or bathroom.  The all-natural ingredients leave your hands with a clean feeling, non-greasy yet silky smooth finish that also has a barrier which holds in moisture.